Get a Glowing Skin This Summer: Follow These Simple But Effective Steps

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The summer is here again with its loads of fun and lot of travels. A time to flaunt your beautiful summer dresses and enjoy seasonal fruits. Stress is a sure thing to come by and a lot of exposure to sunburn too. It is not your fault as a lot of places are usually very warm and that might cause some changes on your skin.

However, as you holiday, remember that the weather may be harsh in most part of the world you may have to travel to. The skin get ugly tanned and pores are made to clog because of the excessive sweating coupled with grimes and dusts. Sometimes the skin gets really scorched and therefore attention must be paid to it to give it more than the routine care.  Your beautiful skin should however remain sacred to you, and you must keep it glowing. But how?

Follow these easy and affordable tips to keep your skin glowing;

Adopt the Water Therapy

Summers are characteristically hot seasons and they may cause unusual dehydration on the skin, hence resulting into dryness and subcutaneous toxin accumulations. Here is the key anyway, water doesn’t only quench thirsts, it also helps flush out toxins and waste accumulations in the body. Ensure that you take more fluids than solid foods this summer. Drink more juices, coconut water, tea, coffee, milk or at best plain water. Your body’s heat level will be suppressed and you will hydrated again. Remember that when you take fluids like green tea, you are also taking in anti-inflammatory as well as anti-carcinogenic substance that also guides your skin against a wide range of skin conditions. Fluids help you detoxify the skin, keeping it in a soft, dewy and clear form in which the glowing lies.

Use Sunscreen as Skin Protection

Sunscreens are important to protect your skin against scorching effect, skin darkening and damages. You would also be protected from harsh ultraviolet rays that may expose you to risk of cancer. Ensure that you apply sunscreen that contains high level of SPF in the league of skin moisturizers and skin care products at least 30 minutes before stepping in the sun. A waterproof sunscreen is cool and you must reapply after at least two hours to keep it effective. However, sunscreen would do less protecting you in a very harsh and hot sun. You are hereby advised to keep indoors between 10am and 4pm as the sun is usually harshest during those hours.

Exfoliate more

This may sound quite weird to those that believed too much in both natural and organic skin care products but here is the truth. Exfoliation is the best way to get a glowing skin. When you exfoliate, the dead and black skin cells are shed and the living ones with life and energy are exposed. Try and make that regular by preparing handmade scrubs and brushes to use on your skin occasionally. Before scrubbing apply pastes of milk, oat or besan to help movement. Do this for few minutes and rinse the body off. You could do this twice or thrice a week to keep glowing.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Summer is sometimes about exercise and sporting event and it is understandable that stress may allow you to crave snacks and carbonated drinks. Take less of that and eat more of natural foods in vegetables and fruits. Some of them contains water that hydrate you and prepare more moisture for your skin. Most of them are also antioxidants which is good for your skin. The key is not to take food that would take more time to digest so as not to be giving yourself a double stress. Take less meat and more fruits as well as vegetables to keep your body temperature normal and guide against ugly outgrowth on skin surfaces.

Moisturize your skin

Your skin needs a certain level of moisture for healthy and refreshing glow. There are skin moisturizers and organic moisturizers that will help your skin remain healthy and externally hydrated. This is also a way to get a really soft and smooth skin. Do this immediately you get out of shower when your body is still damp, or late in the night to keep it glowing and as a defensive shield during sleeping hours. So after taking a cold shower in the summer night, try to use some moisturizers on your skin to keep glowing.

Take Exercises

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to take exercises in the summer as it is mostly about fun. Some moments of exercise can always help you to shake off stress of the day and in a way help your skin to glow too. Early morning yoga is good too. This will help skin increase blood circulation, thus pumping life and health into your skin. This is perhaps the simplest natural way to glow.

Cleanse your skin

This is really needed in the summer too. Cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a good quality cleanser. Aloe Vera and cucumber are in the league of natural cleansers you could use. A mixture of honey and yoghurt will also serve a good cleaner and moisturizer too. Apply any of the cleansing agent you have got to your skin and leave it for at least ten minutes. Rinse them off with water after time.

Apply skin toners

Toners moisturizes skin. This is usually done by balancing skin pH level, removing skin dirt, stale makeups and toxins to give it a clear and refreshing look. You can also make a natural toner yourself.  This you can get by mixing equal amount of glycerin and rose water. Apply this every summer night and observe the changes that will follow your skin. The glow is sure.

Apply skin mask

Not only facial treatment uses substances mask. The whole skin could be needing a similar treatment in the summer. Don’t hesitate to give it. This is effective for tan removals as well. Make a paste almond, lime and milk in the ration3 to 1 to 2, and rub it on the face or affected areas (usually the easily exposed areas of the skin) overnight. Use lukewarm water to wash them off the next morning. Tans will not only be removed but your skin will glow healthily.

Honey and lemon juice can also be used but they are usually left to stay for only 20 minutes. The skin is also soothed this way and effect of sun rays are greatly reduced.

Take a steam therapy

Steam therapy could be done on your external skin to improve skin’s health and enhance massive glow. This can be done at least once in a weak to remove tans, dirt and clear clogged pores. Because this involves the use of heat, it makes skin clearer and softer while it works best for every skin types.

Now you are braced to enjoy your summer without worrying too much about what happens next to your skin as you already know what to do to protect your glow. Try them today!

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