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Ideologically, an acne-free, hydrated, even color and smooth texture skin are characteristics that define a younger look to many. Therefore, it is correct to establish that a healthy skin is what many desire in the name of looking young. To achieve this, many are out to search for products that will deliver the results intended. Consequently, individuals have ended up with an arsenal of beauty and skin care products in their bathroom shelves. Although moisturizers, facial cleansers, anti-aging serums, and creams may deliver the desired results, beauty experts and dermatologists believe that there is an urgency for individuals to understand the products they need for a healthy skin and compare that with the products stacked on shelves.

The journey of a healthy skin starts with a simple step of good habit maintenance. The use of a straw has been considered stylish. However, straw use has negative effects on the skins of individuals only that the impact is hardly noticeable instantaneously. An expert in the field of Dermatology states that the more facial muscles are used, the more noticeable facial lines become. When an individual uses a straw, the habit stresses facial muscles hence causing face lines. Another habit that deserves that causes alarm is the smoking of cigarettes. In addition to causing other health problems, the habit has a significant impact on appearance. Other than causing wrinkles due to facial muscle stress, it also causes abnormal blood circulation hence chocking blood which gradually causes wrinkles to the skin of the smoker.

Good diet and sleep are other factors related to habit that should be considered when in the pursuit of a healthy skin and ultimately a younger look. Polyester and cotton are materials that tug on delicate whereas satin and silk pillowcases have been found to be gentler as one is able to slide on the pillow as experts say. Less friction on the skin guarantees the slow formation of fine lines on the face hence a younger look. Still, in the same line of thought, the taking of antioxidants is beneficial to the skin as it aids the skin in freeing of radicals in the environment. The radicals have been established to be harmful as the break down the skin's collagen and elastin.

On the other hand, the use of healthy and skin friendly products is the next step towards maintaining a healthy skin. The use of retinoids has been established to be topping the list of most effective anti-aging ways as retinoids have the ability to benefit almost everyone. However, the use of retinol on the skin is dependent on the type of skin an individual has. Determination of skin tolerance can be achieved through quantity variation to observe the response of the skin to the concentration. According to published research, concentrations as low as 0.01% of retinol have proven to be equally effective. Despite the different guidelines presented on the appropriate concentration, retinol 2.5% has been established to be an appropriate product for a healthy skin which in turn guarantees a younger look.

Glamour may not be the word that can describe the process involved in the use of activated charcoal facial cleanser, but the results delivered by the process are remarkable. When used in a proper and safe manner, the procedure has been proven to have many beauty and health benefits. The reason behind the absurd skin treatment procedure is the tendency of toxins to stick to activated charcoal. Consequently, this makes it a perfect candidate for a detoxifier and cleanser. The procedure is all natural and will not add any new chemical to the skin when used. The treatment promises a younger look through treatment of acne, the balance of oily skin, make skin pore cleaner and smaller as well as the soothing and healing of cuts, bits, and irritations on the skin.

The study shows that the benefits of vitamin C in skin care is undeniable hence the obvious importance of vitamin C moisturizer. The cleanser ensures removal of excessive makeup and the balance of oil secretion. In addition, it assists in the cleanup of erupted skin and reduction of pigmentation. For effective results, proper use is essential. The most recommended time to use the cleanser is in the morning and in the evening. The directions of use are that it should be applied to the face and the neck area in circular motions then rinsed with water. Following the directions of use guarantees a healthy skin and ultimately a younger look.

A younger look is not entirely dependent on a good-looking or healthy skin but on other factors as well. However, facial appearance and the healthiness of one’s skin contributed greatly to the giving of an idea of age. For this reason, it is important for individuals to be conscious about the health and appearance of their skin.


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