Top Natural and Effective Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

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Your skin has been naturally and healthily built to glow beautifully assuming every condition for that is properly maintained. One crucial thing to make your skin healthy and at the same time glow is your skin moisture. This is to mean that your body must be properly hydrated, and at all time. Skin hydration could be determined by a lot of factors especially your nutrition. It is not limited to this anyway, there are skin care products you could use on your skin surfaces to initiate chemical reactions that would ensure your skin gets moisturized perfectly.

Skin hydration and moisturization has been heavily debated among skin beauty professionals. Although hydration is often referred to as moisturization because they both mean keeping skin water at a level that makes the skin respire healthily, there is a minor difference in that while hydrating means to replenish the actual moisture or water content of the skin cells, moisturizing means keeping the skin soft and pliable by preventing it from losing its water from evaporation. Since the target of beauty professionals is therefore to give you a smooth and pliable skin that glows beautifully, skin moisturization has been a topic of more interest to them than hydration. Here are few natural ingredients they have discovered to keep your skin moisturized;

Natural Honey

The use of honey has been called out often times for its potency in the mission of skin care and beauty, especially in acne treatment and antibacterial healing. It also helps to clean skin pores of clogs as a proven cleanser. As a natural skin moisturizer however, the substance is full of antioxidants that stage potent fight against skin wrinkles, aging, irritation and blemishes, while also ensuring that it leaves a lovely glow behind.

The use of the substance is really simple as explained in two steps thus; Form a paste from the mixture of honey and water in a ratio of 1 to 4, apply on your skin and allow to dry before washing off. Do this consistently and you would see results.


Avocado is a proven dry skin lubricator upon use on the dermis. Its high level of vitamins and fat makes it a really great moisturizer too as it retains skin moisture and also act as an anti-ager. Vitamin A, D and E are really useful for the skin and it has these vitamins in abundance to make its activities on the skin just excellent.

Its use is also simple. Eat an avocado and rub the inner layer of the peel on your skin or face. Let this residue stand for 15 minutes at least before washing it off, but this time with warm water. The results will wow you after some time.

Aloe Vera

This is one widely used plant in most skin care products and organic skin care products. It is also one of the best natural face moisturizers. The wide use can traced to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Its ability to act as a natural skin moisturizer is also a documented influence. In fact, it moisturizes the skin without keeping it greasy. You will sure have a smooth and plump skin from a perfect combination vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene contents.

Gently cut the plant and peel off the leaves to expose its gel. Apply the gel to the skin for results. Do this as often as possible.


This is such a great vegetable for its water content. The water is not only useful inside the body but outside too. Your skin benefits from eating the vegetable as it contain a huge mass of water, vitamin A and E, as well as nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Blood circulation is enhanced to keep the skin healthy as it aids wrinkle reduction and glowing of the complexion is promoted.

If you want to use the cucumber on your skin, slice them and put then over your eyes as an easy de-puffer. You could also make a puree and add little honey to make a hydrating soothe. It is that simple.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another big name in the skin care product market. Organic skin care products and organic moisturizers usually have it as base ingredients. It is naturally blessed with collagen-supporting lauric acid, and the oil is easily absorbed to moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy feel. It is also antibacterial as well as a potent anti-ager.

Get a raw and unrefined coconut oil (virgin organic), place it between your palms and rub for heat as you rub into your skin. It is that simple!

Olive oil

You must be familiar with this oil and its uses as popular as it is. It’s been used for centuries as an antioxidant and in skin care products. It has proven to be an effective lubricant for dry skin and patches. It functions uniquely as it hydrates the skin from inside out. The linoleic acid it contains create barriers that prevent the skin from losing moistures.

Massage your skin with a few drops of this oil every night and wait for the surprise your skin has for you.


The best natural skin care products usually have buttermilk in them. Lactic acid is that one content buttermilk contain to be so important. What this acid does best is breaking down and removing dead skin cell while also speeding up the rejuvenation of new ones. A new skin cell gives you a younger looking skin. The new cells that are made to take place on your skin enjoys the buttermilk nutrient, as it is great skin moisturizer.

Its use is a kind of a little different. Get a clean cloth to dip in cold buttermilk and lay it on your face for around ten minutes. Rinse off gently and wait for your skin reactions as you do that consistently.

Castor oil

This is the definition of amazing.  It is natural and highly effective. It has a high concentration of fatty acids which makes easily absorbed into the skin. It also contain linoleic acid that prevents skin from losing its moisture.

You only need to massage a few drops onto your skin every night and all will be well with it as it glows again.

Shea butter

Dry skin has no place in sight of Shea butter. It is such a great natural moisturizer with rich source of vitamins A and F. These two vitamins help it to keep the skin refreshed.

Just slather the Shea butter all over your skin. Make sure the Shea butter has not expired because if it does, it may have lost its moisturizing powers.


There you go with the new natural ways to moisturize your skin and make it glow. The great thing about these ingredients is that they could all be found in your kitchen. That means the natural ingredients to help moisturize your skin are both affordable and available. You wouldn’t have wanted more.

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